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Nalini Elvino de Sousa

Nalini is a movie maker and teacher by profession. After completing her bachelors in Chemistry she came searching for her roots back in Goa, where she found the love of her life. She has been settled in Goa for 20 years with her family.

Besides being a movie maker she also runs a NGO in Goa which is focused on promoting languages and culture – Communicare Trust. She loves watching movies, reading, watching figure skating and of course travelling as a part of her worklife. She loves making lists in alphabetical order and her work should be precise, rigorous, neat and impeccable.

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Namitha Nair

Namitha was born in Goa and has been there ever since. She is a Business Administration Graduate and project manager of NGO, Communicare Trust. She is also a videographer, video blogger, avid animal lover, part time model and a jack of all trades. She loves dancing, reading, working out, watching sunsets , movies and cooking occasionally. She is a happy-go-lucky person with no plans.  She loves travelling and given a chance would happily live out of a backpack.

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wilast still

Goa, the party capital of India! The first 3 words that come to our mind when we say Goa are : Beaches, Booze and Babes. But is that the real Goa? What is the real Goa? Is it fish curry rice? Is it the Church which still has a body of a saint? Is it only about relaxing in our balcao drinking feni?

Travel & Learn is GOA through our eyes, with completely different backgrounds: business and science , but one common passion: Travel.  We have travelled to various destinations: solo, with others and together. This is our journey as we travel to learn and learn to travel.